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Description: Basic manners is a great way to get started with your new dog or help a dog of any age learn the foundation behaviors that make living with them a pleasure!
Pet Care
Do you love your pet? Have you had their nails trimmed? Are their teeth clean? Are their ears clean? Are they happy? We have a solution for all of these questions! Call us today for an appointment and care for your pet!
Dog Facts
Have you ever wanted to understand your dog more? Do you often wonder what you dog is trying to tell you? Here are some great doggie facts that will help you and your pet!

Teeth Cleaning


Imagine what would happen if you never brushed your teeth. Proper dental care for our pets is very important. Without it our pets have horrible breath and infected gums. Many people do not brush their pet's teeth that is why we offer this service to our customers.


Brush Teeth -

Brushing your pet's teeth is by far the best for keeping your pets teeth clean. If your pet already has tartar build up this will not help, it is only to be used as a preventative to tartar build up and gingivitis. It is also important to remember to only use toothpaste that is labeled for dog/cat use. If they swallow human toothpaste it might make them sick. When first starting to brush your pets teeth use a finger brush - this will get them used to you manipulating their mouth and the taste of toothpaste. Gradually move up to using an actual brush. Dog/cat toothbrushes and flavored paste can be purchased from a pet store or your vets office. If you are not comfortable having your hand that close to your pets choppers then don't try to brush their teeth.


You can add a food or water supplement to the diet of your pet that helps remove plaque and tartar.


Wysong Dentatreat is a powder that you sprinkle on your animal’s meal like Parmesan cheese. It contains pro-biotic bacteria that not only breaks down existing plaque and tartar, but builds a protective film over the teeth to prevent new tartar from forming.

Suzie’s makes a similar product, but in a liquid form that you add to your pet's drinking water. Both of these products are all natural and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.



You can provide good oral hygiene to your pet with treats. Pedigree Dentastix are popular amongst dog owners, as their shape and texture forces a dog to chew vigorously, which scrapes away plaque and tartar.

Greenies have been a favorite of pets and their owners alike. All natural and full of vitamins, they also contain chlorophyll to get rid of bad breath. Available in sizes for all dogs, as well as for cats, Greenies are a great weapon to have in your animal’s dental care arsenal. A Greenie a day keeps The Doggie Dentist away.


There are many companies that make dental treats for pets. Find one that your pet likes and make it part of a regular oral hygiene routine.


They not only keep your pet entertained, but all that chewing scrapes away plaque and tartar. Nylabones are a mainstay in the industry, as well as Kong and Petstage. The later two also make toys for cats, which is nice, because as any cat owner will tell you, there are usually more chew toys geared towards dogs.

When choosing a toy to improve the dental health of your pet, find one that will be chewed regularly and often.


Speaking of chewing, Hill’s Science Diet makes dental diets that have extra large kibble so that your animal really has to chew to swallow them. Their dog and cat Oral Care lines are nutritionally complete, so dental health can be part of a balanced meal.



Remember to bring your animal to a vet for regular check-ups, especially if you see signs of tooth decay.


No matter which method you use to clean your pet’s teeth, one thing is certain: taking the dental health of your dog or cat into consideration will help ensure that the both of you enjoy many years of rewarding companionship and happiness.



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