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Description: Basic manners is a great way to get started with your new dog or help a dog of any age learn the foundation behaviors that make living with them a pleasure!
Pet Care
Do you love your pet? Have you had their nails trimmed? Are their teeth clean? Are their ears clean? Are they happy? We have a solution for all of these questions! Call us today for an appointment and care for your pet!
Dog Facts
Have you ever wanted to understand your dog more? Do you often wonder what you dog is trying to tell you? Here are some great doggie facts that will help you and your pet!

Nail Trimming


Proper grooming is important for both the health and for the comfort of your dog. Some owners choose to let a professional groomer handle the bathing, styling and nail trimming for them while others like to care for their dog’s grooming needs at home. One question that often comes up among dog owners who groom their own pets is: How often should I have my dog’s nails trimmed?


While some might think the answer is as simple as “when they get too long”, there really is a little more to it than that. In ideal conditions, you wouldn’t have to trim the dog’s nail at all (except for the dew claw). That is because if given proper exercise under the right conditions, the nails would naturally be kept to a perfect length.

When you take your dog for walks, the nails will wear down a little with each step. This is nature’s way of keeping a dog’s nails trimmed. When a dog does not get enough exercise, the nails will grow so long that you can hear them tapping when they walk across the floor.


That is when you will have to start trimming.


The exception to that rule is the dew claw. This is the claw that grows on the inner side of the paw. Because this claw doesn’t touch the ground during exercise, it will need to be trimmed regularly. If the dew claw is not properly trimmed, it could bend and grow right into the dog’s skin or pad. The only remedy for this is surgery, which must be performed as soon as you notice the problem. Otherwise, infections and other can result.


Many dogs are extremely resistant to the nail trimming portion of their grooming routine. A dog that is being uncooperative can make this chore very difficult. If they squirm a lot, they can cause you to accidentally trim the nail too short. This can result in you cutting the “quick”, which is the fleshy tissue under the nail. Cutting the quick will cause a lot of bleeding and is very painful for your dog. Some dogs are so bothered by nail trimming that they have to be sedated.


We have many years experience in trimming dogs and cats nails. Call us today to schedule an appointment.



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