Basic Manners 1 Class
Description: Basic manners is a great way to get started with your new dog or help a dog of any age learn the foundation behaviors that make living with them a pleasure!
Pet Care
Do you love your pet? Have you had their nails trimmed? Are their teeth clean? Are their ears clean? Are they happy? We have a solution for all of these questions! Call us today for an appointment and care for your pet!
Dog Facts
Have you ever wanted to understand your dog more? Do you often wonder what you dog is trying to tell you? Here are some great doggie facts that will help you and your pet!



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and let us help you get to know your canine partner!
No negative reinforcement, no yelling, no demeaning commands.
Our positive training program is structured according to your comfort level and your dog’s attention span.


Certified Instructors * Positive Training Methods * Clicker Training
Group & Private Lessons
Agility * Obedience * Rally Obedience * Basic Manners


Training Facility
60 by 100 feet * Dirt floor * Heated
Standard Agility Equipment * Teacup Agility Equipment



“We’ve been to a number of training centers and Muddy Paws makes you feel right at home. The instructors respect your goals for your dogs and help you achieve them.”
- G. Getty


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