Basic Manners 1 Class
Description: Basic manners is a great way to get started with your new dog or help a dog of any age learn the foundation behaviors that make living with them a pleasure!
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Do you love your pet? Have you had their nails trimmed? Are their teeth clean? Are their ears clean? Are they happy? We have a solution for all of these questions! Call us today for an appointment and care for your pet!
Dog Facts
Have you ever wanted to understand your dog more? Do you often wonder what you dog is trying to tell you? Here are some great doggie facts that will help you and your pet!



Muddy Paws Canine Center offers a number of training classes for you and your pet. Below is a list of upcoming training classes. Be sure to download the registration and waiver form for any of these classes.


Current Classes


Muddy Paws Agility Class Schedule:


What is dog agility all about? Click here 


• Monday      5:30pm    Beginner
• Wednesday 6:30 pm   Intermediate         
• Wednesday 7:30 pm   Intro to Equipment 
• Thursday    10:00 am Intermediate          
• Thursday    5:30 pm   Beginner (Any Age)(open)
• Thursday    6:30 pm   Intermediate
There we be no more than 6 dogs per class, Pre-registration Required
Our method of teaching is done with clicker.


Class Description Requirements:


Dogs and Owners have never seen agility equipment before Dog has some knowledge of recall, Obedience class not necessary, but would help you and your dog communicate, Any Age…old or young, all dogs love to run.

Beginner Class:
Dog and Owner have taken at least 6 weeks of agility class (from any instructor), Dog is able to perform all obstacles not at full height, Team can maneuver around a sequence of at least 3 obstacles,
Dog is able to perform obstacles off leash with other dogs in the ring at the same time.

Dog and Owner have attended at least 1 year of agility classes (from any instructor), Dog is able to perform all obstacles at full height
Team can maneuvers around a sequence of at least 12 obstacles
Handler understands handling techniques, Levels 1-2 in CPE (Canine Performance Events)

Dog and Owner are competing in agility trials
Levels 3-C in CPE (Canine Performance Events)
Each class will be taught according to the levels and we teach each team according their own skills


Each class will be taught according to the levels and we teach each dog and handler according their own skills




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